Grant Reporting Instructions

Grant reports should be submitted on the dates indicated in your original grant award letter. Please reference the grant number found in your original award letter.

We do not have a specific reporting format. We do ask, however, that you include the following information in your report:

  • An update on progress toward goals and objectives as outlined in your original proposal
  • Commentary on what you found/are finding to be particularly successful
  • Commentary on any particular challenges that were encountered and how/if they were resolved
  • Any additional narrative that you feel is relevant
  • Links to electronic news articles pertaining to the funded activity
  • Digital photographs of the funded activity (for possible use in the Foundation’s annual report)
  • A financial accounting of grant funds expended

These reports are important to us as a way to stay connected to the work that you are doing. They also provide an opportunity as a way to further our own learning about community needs and best practices. Thank you for the time that you commit to preparing these materials. We look forward to hearing about your progress.