The Nord Family Foundation Founders

“It is a story of good times and bad, of hard work and its rewards, and of farsighted philanthropy. More basically, it is a story of a family deeply committed to community service and leadership. The story begins with Otto and Mary Erickson Nord, who emigrated from Sweden in the 1870’s and raised six children on their farm in Ashtabula County, Ohio. It continues with their son Walter, who came to Lorain County, Ohio shortly before World War I to supervise machinery for a sandstone quarrying company but soon became an entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Virginia, Walter established a tradition of corporate and community leadership and wide-ranging philanthropy. The unfolding tale reveals how Walter and Virginia’s children, Mary, Eric and Evan, and their succeeding generations have carried on the family tradition in their own ways.”

— from: Investing in Community – The History and Legacy of the Nord Family of Ohio

For copies of this book, please contact the staff at the Oberlin Heritage Center

This is the story of a remarkable family; a family whose positive outlook, inventiveness, international business acumen, strong ideals, and good deeds have had a major impact.