Statement from Nord Family Foundation on Racial Injustice


Dear Partners,

Like many of you, we are grieving. While the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have been very visible in the media, we know that, unfortunately, racism is not a new issue in our country, nor are these isolated incidents. We are hopeful that the collective attention being given to institutional and interpersonal racism at this time will result in a future where justice for all is a reality for everyone in our nation.

All of us at the Nord Family Foundation join our brothers and sisters around the world who are committed to peacefully and strategically dismantling racism in all of its insidious forms. For us, this means continuing the work we do in many areas that have systemic racism as their root cause and disproportionately impact people of color. This includes working to address health and education inequities, food and housing insecurity, and more. We will continue to intentionally and strategically do this work as a major part of our commitment to strengthening communities that are impacted by racism, poverty, and other inequities.

At our upcoming Board meeting, we will also be discussing how we can work with more intentionality to dismantle racism, be better allies to those who face racial discrimination, and further promote anti-racist work and leadership through our philanthropy.

To our grantee partners who are active in this work and have been for years, we sincerely thank you. We are honored to stand behind you as a partner and look forward to continuing this essential relationship as we listen, learn, grow and participate during this transformational period in our country’s history.

With gratitude,

Nord Family Foundation Board of Trustees and Staff