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IBA’s Resident Services Program (RSP) empowers residents of IBA’s Villa Victoria affordable housing community by promoting the living of healthier, more active, and more fulfilling lives.

Using a culturally responsive approach, IBA focus on stable housing; supporting residents of all ages through case management, and community building initiatives.

The team held 243 events in 2019, including: special event celebrations, social activities, fitness and exercise classes, wellness workshops, and health screenings.

In 2019, the RSP launched the Community Ambassadors Program. This program provides an opportunity for Villa Victoria senior residents to take on leadership positions within the community. Working closely with Resident Services staff, Ambassadors gain community development and leadership skills while learning how to improve the health and vitality of their neighborhood. Their involvement in IBA’s programmatic operations will offer insight and enhance Resident Services’ capacity to support low-income senior residents. Facilitating food access programing, health and wellness initiatives, and arts and social engagement events - all of these, among others, are areas that the Ambassadors learn about, support, and facilitate for the community.  

"It helped me make connections with my neighbors and each other. I learned to play music and share my skills. I would recommend this program because it’s a good way to bring people together, improve communications, improve health and trust each other. Also, people know who I am."

Edwin, 52, a resident of IBA’s Villa Victoria